Kreena is the founder of the worldwide online endodontic course 'The Endo Course' ( and popular 3 day hands-on endodontic programme 'Endo Expertise' (


3 Day hands-on Course: Endo Expertise by Kreena Patel


Endodontic Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

Perfecting your clinical and radiographic examination


Understanding normal and abnormal root canal anatomy
Hands-on tips on how to access in more challenging cases

How to make your access more conservative
Locating MB2 every time


Straight Line Access

How to do this successfully and what instruments to use

Glide Path

How to form a predictable glide path

Endodontic management of cracked teeth

How to assess cracks, manage the consent process, and manage these cases predictably




Irrigation & Medication

How to make the most of your irrigation regime to improve success including methods of irrigation activation


Hands-on using a reciprocating  and rotary system

Tips to negotiate more difficult cases: calcified, ledged and curved canals 


Pulp Capping

Discover how tricalcium silicate cements can improve and build your practice

Perforation Repair

How to manage of perforations – hands-on session repairing perforations using Biodentine

Immature Teeth

How to manage open apices




Lecture on different methods of obturation and hands-on session including warm vertical condensation


Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth 

How to assess restorability
How to clean up the access cavity post-treatment
How to place a core successful 
Why and how endo treated teeth should be restored



Fibre Posts

Theory and hand-on session on preparing and cementing fibre posts


Deep Margin Elevation

Lecture based teaching on concept and applications to endodontic treatment


Case Discussion 

Finish the day by going through more challenging cases and how to tackle them


Bring plenty of teeth to practice!

Online Education 

Worldwide Endodontic Education

Practical videos

Exclusive "fly on the wall" content with Kreena in surgery. Watch Kreena perform multiple Endo demo’s shot in 4k. 

We will continually be updating a bonus section of Endodontic surgery archives to help you learn. In this bonus section there will also be exclusive interviews of Kreena sharing the tips and tactics that helped her succeed as a specialist Endodontist.

This Is The Course I Wish Had When I Started My Career

Developing this course took months because we polled my audience and tested meticulously to make the exact course you guys asked for. Added to this I made sure to make the exact course I would have wanted either starting my career or before I specialised..

Be A Part Of A Community

Not only are you joining a course but you are joining a Community. A support network of colleagues who genuinely want to help you. We strive to curate one of the most positive dental forums globally via our private Facebook group.


All the top courses have amazing aftercare so we want to bring you the same..


Module 1: Diagnosis

History taking
Medical history
Clinical examination

Special tests

4. Diagnosis

5. Consent


Module 2: Access Cavity

Basic principles
Preoperative assessment
Pre-endodontic restorations
Useful tools

Anterior teeth
Premolar teeth
Molar teeth
Locating MB2

 8. Dentine preservation

9. Managing calcified cases


Module 3:​Canal Preparation

Glide path
Using the apex locator
Tips for negotiating curved canals
Tips for negotiating calcified canals
Tips for negotiating ledges



Module 4: Irrigation & Medication

Making the most of your irrigation regime
Managing hypochlorite injuries
Single Vs Multiple visit



Module 5: Obturation

Getting ready to obturate
Master cone
Obturation techniques
Single point
Cold lateral condensation

Warm vertical condensation


i)Ideal properties

ii) Sealer puffs

iii) Available sealers

Other tips



Module 6: Endo – Resto

Preparation for core placement

Where should the core extend?
How do we cut GP back?
How to clean the access cavity?

Definitive restorations

How to restore endodontically treated teeth
Why do endodontically treated teeth fracture?

Deep margin elevation

What is DME
Why use DME
Why is it easier to use a direct technique to elevate the margin?
What are the challenges of DME?
When should DME be carried out for teeth requiring endodontic treatment?
What material is used for the direct restoration?
What are the benefits of DME compared to crown lengthening?
Are there any negatives to DME?
Why is it important in Endodontics?

Non-vital tooth whitening

Bleaching agents & UK regulations
Benefits & risks of tooth whitening
Inside-Outside whitening technique
Failure to whiten: trouble-shooting



Module 7: Outcome

How successful is treatment?
Factors affecting success
Why root canal treatment fails?


Endo Vs Implants



Module 8: Pulp capping

Selective carious tissue removal
Pulp capping materials
Indirect pulp cap
Direct pulp cap
Immature teeth: partial and full pulpotomy
Mature teeth: full pulpotomy

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King's College London

Kreena was a secnior clinical tutor on the Endodontic Specialist Programme at Guy's Dental Hospital, London from 2016-2021


This is a 3-4 year postgraduate degree which trains dentists to become endodontic specialists.

Distance Learning MSc

Kreena teaches on  the clinical, hands-on distance learning MSc at King's College London


Kreena frequently lectures for Health Education England, The British Dental Association, The Dentistry Show, Dental universities and manufacturers (DentsplySirona and Septodont International).


Presented at: 

Britsh Endodontic Society​ Regional Meeting 2015

(Table Clinic) 

European Society of Endodontics 2015, Brussels

(Poster Presentation)


 Kreena's research has been published in several international journals

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